Dentist Jericho

Tooth Extractions

At PDM Family Dental, Dr. Makkar performs both simple and complex extraction. Should all avenues be exhausted, and the tooth is deemed non-restorable, we will perform the extraction. Each case is on an individual basis and is thoroughly evaluated. Should it seem complex a case will be referred to an Oral Surgeon for the best possible outcome. Your safety is our priority.

We will make sure that you are completely numb. We do not sedate. If you require sedation, a referral will be made. Most of what you should feel is pressure. If you feel any discomfort at all, do advise the doctor. We will ensure that you are comfortable during your procedure.

After an extraction, you can expect a hole (socket) to be left where the tooth used to be. It is especially important that you do not touch the area. The area will heal in about 6 weeks. In case there are sutures (stitches), they will self-dissolve in a week. You don’t need a visit to get them removed.

Written and oral instructions will be provided to you. If you need to contact the doctor, you can call after hours and can reach the doctor or email us.

We recommend the following common instructions include, but are not limited to:

  • No rinsing for 24 hours after surgery
  • No spitting for the day, you swallow extra saliva or blood or let it drool
  • No smoking
  • Eat soft foods and soups. Be sure to eat on the other side of extraction site
  • No sucking on straws
  • Replace gauze with a new pack every 30 minutes, in case of bleeding. To do this, fold and place over the socket and bite. Gauze will be provided.
  • In case of excess bleeding, use wet black tea bags to bite on. These tea bags contain tannins, which restrict blood flow and help reduce bleeding

Leave the area as undisturbed as possible until a blood clot is formed.

Bleeding is common after an extraction. Do not be alarmed if there is still bleeding up to 48 hours after the procedure.
Some but not limited to, of the following symptoms may arise:

  • Severe, uncontrolled bleeding and pooling of blood in the mouth
  • Sharp pain 3-4 days after the surgery
  • Dizziness or weakness
  • Food impaction in the socket, causing severe pain
  • Numbness or tingling that is unresolved days after the anesthesia has worn off
  • Dry socket

For any other concerns or questions, please feel free to call contact us