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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

WHAT IS OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA (OSA)? Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a sleep breathing disorder in which a person stops breathing while they sleep. The tissues in the throat collapse, cutting off the airway despite efforts to breathe. Apnea is defined as “a cessation of airflow for 10 seconds or more.” This can occur dozens […]

Pediatric Dentist

At PDM Family Dental, we focus on family care. Thus, we also see children as young as 1, as recommended by the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry. The first visit is more to get the child comfortable in an office setting and for educating the parent on home care and nutrition. We are not child […]

Emergency Dentist

If you are experiencing an emergency and need help. We can help you or guide you in the right direction. Following are some of the emergencies that you can experience. Abscess: Any time of swelling around the gums can be a serious issue. This will need immediate attention before it worsens. An abscess is usually […]

Tooth Veneers

A Veneer is a non-invasive procedure to give you a great esthetic result. It is custom fabricated and bonded to your natural tooth. With minimal or no prep, it preserves natural tooth structure, and decreases sensitivity and need of anesthesia. This is a great option for those with chipped teeth, where the filling keeps re-chipping. […]

Tooth Extractions

At PDM Family Dental, Dr. Makkar performs both simple and complex extraction. Should all avenues be exhausted, and the tooth is deemed non-restorable, we will perform the extraction. Each case is on an individual basis and is thoroughly evaluated. Should it seem complex a case will be referred to an Oral Surgeon for the best […]

Dental Implants

Among ways to restore missing teeth. An implant is a fixed option that we can provide at PDM Family Dental. An implant is a man-made metal (usually titanium) post that is placed in the bone where the missing tooth would have been. It is the closest to replacing your natural tooth. The implant acts like […]

Dental Exam

On your visit to PDM Family Dental, we do a comprehensive exam. That includes going over your medical history, dental history. What brought you to us and any concerns or phobia you may have. We want to be able to address your concerns first. We do a complete exam with X-rays. We do charting of […]


A denture is one of the options we present to replace missing teeth. It is when acrylic teeth are placed on material that look like gums, pinkish in color. This is removable appliance that can be used to replace one or many teeth. It can also be an interim option when doing implants. Dentures are […]

Root Canal

WHAT IS A ROOT CANAL? Every tooth is made up of 3 layers, the enamel is the white that you see, dentin is more yellowish layer, and in the center is the pulp. This layer is red and is filled with nerve and blood supply. When this layer is traumatized or infected by a bacteria […]

Tooth Fillings

WHAT IS A FILLING? When we diagnose a cavity either on the X-ray or with an oral exam, the tooth will most likely need a filling. We remove all the decay and clean the tooth and fill that space with a filling. At times a filling can also be used to repair a broken tooth. […]

Dental Cleaning

Part of taking care of your oral health is maintaining regular checkups and getting a cleaning. Plaque and calculus buildups not only cause halitosis (bad breath), bleeding gums but also are detrimental to patients with underlying conditions such as heart conditions as well as Diabetes. Our hygiene visit includes: • Patient medical history review, assessment […]

Teeth Whitening

At PDM Family Dental, we offer a range of whitening procedures. We do in office 1-hour whitening, whereby you walk out with a much brighter whiter smile. We have option of ZOOM or KOR. Each whitening treatment is customized to your individual needs, using a gel that is light activated in 15 min intervals. We […]

Dental X-Ray

At PDM Family Dental, we take Digital X-rays to minimize exposure to you. We also have a Panoramic X-ray that helps give us a comprehensive evaluation of teeth and surrounding structures. We do take X-rays once a year. If you are a new patient, we request that you bring a copy of any X-rays within […]

Dental Crowns

WHEN DO I NEED A CROWN? Some large fillings can break, chip or are too large to sustain the chewing forces. Thus, for longer longevity of the tooth, a crown is recommended. The crown will cover the entire tooth and will provided added strength DOES A TOOTH WITH A CROWN NEED TO HAVE A ROOT […]

Dental Bridges

A bridge is prosthesis that is a fixed option to replace a missing tooth. This is an option there is a missing tooth area with a tooth behind and in front of it. The bridge uses those teeth as an anchor for the missing tooth. The three teeth are joined. The bridge is tooth colored […]