Dentist Jericho

Pediatric Dentist

At PDM Family Dental, we focus on family care. Thus, we also see children as young as 1, as recommended by the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry. The first visit is more to get the child comfortable in an office setting and for educating the parent on home care and nutrition. We are not child pediatric dentists and do not offer sedation. We are General Dentist that provide comprehensive care. Dr. Makkar believes in creating a positive experience at the Dental office so that a child doesn’t harbor dental phobia. Child visits are about tell, show and then do technique. We also focus on prevention and education as key issues to help with better oral health.

Does your child snore? Has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? Is tired all the time? Grinds at night? Has dark circles? Is a bedwetter? Not getting enough sleep? Let us help you assess airway issues and help you get the right treatment.