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Oral Surgery

What should I do if my bleeding doesn’t stop after an extraction?

You can try to bite on a wet tea bag to help stop the bleeding and call the office.

How long should I bite on the gauze?

Keep biting for at least 30 min or until it stops bleeding

What should I eat?

A soft diet and cold things help.

Why should I not spit?

Forceful spitting can disrupt the blood clot and the area will not heal properly. It can also lead to a dry socket, which is a socket with diminished blood supply that isn’t healing. These can be severely painful and can take up to a month to heal.


What is a post?

A post is placed after a root canal. It is used in cases where there is little tooth structure left, and the post as an anchor for the filling.

Why is a crown recommended after a root canal?

Once a root canal is completed, the tooth loses its vitality and becomes fragile like dry wood. With extensive forces while chewing, the tooth can fracture and may need to be extracted.

It doesn’t hurt, what do you mean I have a cavity?

Cavities generally do not hurt. The nerve of the tooth is in the center of the tooth, once decay starts it doesn’t hurt. We aim to restore the tooth at that time. Once the decay enters the nerve chamber, it can lead to pain, discomfort and infection. At that point the tooth would need a root canal or extraction to be treated.

Why do I need X-rays?

X-rays are important tools for a Dentist to diagnose not only cavities, but bone levels, infections, cysts and in kids the progression of teeth development.

How often should I brush?

2 times a day for 2 minutes.

I have a dry mouth what can I do?

Dry mouth can be caused due to many reasons, commonly due to medications. Try chewing gum, and drinking lots of water. Using Biotene can help as well.

I have bleeding, what should I do when I brush?

Bleeding on brushing usually indicates that you have some level of periodontal disease. You need to come in for evaluation and for a thorough cleaning.

What if I have swelling after an extraction?

Put on a cold pack on the swollen area and contact the office to be seen immediately.

What should I do when my temporary filling comes off?

If there is a temporary filling in place especially after a root canal procedure, avoid eating hard or sticky foods. If the filling does come out, contact the office to have it replaced.

How long does the numbness last?

Depending on the type and the number of carpules of anesthetic, numbness can last for a few hours.

I had a filling and it hurts when I bite down and eat. What should I do?

If you have just had a filling and the pain is generally on pressure when biting down or just on chewing, it might be that the bite is off and needs to be adjusted. Call the office to have it adjusted. It is harder to assess bite while one is numb.


If baby teeth are going to fall, why should we fill them?

Baby teeth are important for the development of children. These teeth help them talk, smile, and eat. They are also important in preserving space for the adult tooth that is yet to erupt. If these teeth are left untreated, it can cause infections that can impact the development of the new tooth, along with causing pain and discomfort. That can cause a child to not eat properly and can also affect speech development.

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What should you do if your temporary cap/crown falls off?

It is very common for the temporary crown to fall off or break. It is made of a plastic like material and is cemented on with temporary cement. Thus on eating, especially hard or sticky foods, it can come off. If it does, do contact the office to have it re-cemented or remade.