Dentist Jericho

Dental X-Ray

At PDM Family Dental, we take Digital X-rays to minimize exposure to you. We also have a Panoramic X-ray that helps give us a comprehensive evaluation of teeth and surrounding structures. We do take X-rays once a year. If you are a new patient, we request that you bring a copy of any X-rays within one year of your visit with us. We do take X-rays of children once they have closed spaces between teeth and/or if we see large decay, abscess or any other signs of concern.

X-rays are used to assess not only if a tooth has a cavity, but it helps us determine any abnormalities, infections, bone health, progression of eruption of teeth in children. It also helps us evaluate any carcinomas or anomalies. X-rays are an integral part of diagnosing and treatment planning. We can’t get a full picture unless we see what lies beneath.

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