Dentist Jericho

Dental Implants

Among ways to restore missing teeth. An implant is a fixed option that we can provide at PDM Family Dental. An implant is a man-made metal (usually titanium) post that is placed in the bone where the missing tooth would have been. It is the closest to replacing your natural tooth. The implant acts like the root of the tooth and the crown functions as the real tooth. It helps restore function and esthetics. An abutment is the piece that connects the implant to the crown.

We do place Implants at PDM Family Dental. Each case is thoroughly assessed before we do anything. We do require you to get a CBCT Scan of the area because we want to have a 3D image to treatment and assess where all the vital structures such as nerves and sinuses. We also want to know the quality of the bone that will give us a better idea as what size of an implant we can place.

At the site of the extraction or missing tooth, we place the implant in the bone. We wait 3-6 months for a process called osseointegration, a process by which the implant bonds with your bone.

From there, we take an impression like a regular crown and send it to a laboratory, where they will make a tooth-shaped crown that is screwed or cemented to implant.

We do offer Implant Supported Overdentures. With loss of teeth and bone there is denture instability, especially with lower dentures. We can provide options whereby multiple implants (man-made posts) can support the denture and provide a more stable platform for the denture. This will make it easier to enjoy your meals!

Do call us if you would like to request a consultation to see if this is the right option for you.