Dentist Jericho

Dental Cleaning

Part of taking care of your oral health is maintaining regular checkups and getting a cleaning. Plaque and calculus buildups not only cause halitosis (bad breath), bleeding gums but also are detrimental to patients with underlying conditions such as heart conditions as well as Diabetes.

Our hygiene visit includes:

• Patient medical history review, assessment of oral health conditions, teeth history, dental charting and more.
• Dental cleaning procedures such as scaling, removing stains.
• Examining teeth and gums for any decay or diseases
• Taking dental radiographs (X-Rays). We take X-rays every year unless deemed necessary to take more frequently.
• Addressing any questions for any dental procedure that you might have had treatment planned
• Applying fluoride, sealants and other applications for your teeth
• Checking for oral cancer

We, at PDM Family Dental, are here to make sure that your teeth are looking great and are healthy. We want you to leave with a beautiful and confident smile. We are here to answer your specific questions and guide you accordingly. We recommend hygiene visits at least twice a year. If you have periodontal disease on assessment, a separate and personalized treatment plan will be made.