Announcing Dr. Parul Makkar as an ADA Wellness Ambassador

Dentist in Jericho NY Dr Makkar At ADA Wellness Summit 1

In a world where the demands of the dental profession can sometimes take a toll on mental health, the American Dental Association (ADA) has taken a proactive step to support its members. Dr. Parul Makkar, a dedicated dentist, is now part of the 2nd Cohort of ADA Wellness Ambassadors, a vital initiative aimed at promoting the well-being of dental professionals. In this role, Dr. Makkar is committed to ensuring that her peers are aware of the support services available to them, especially when facing mental health challenges.

As part of her commitment to this vital initiative, Dr. Makkar had the privilege of attending the 1st Wellness Summit, an event that brought together like-minded individuals dedicated to the well-being of dental professionals. The summit provided a platform for attendees to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore the myriad resources available to support mental health in the dental field.

Dentist in Jericho NY Dr Makkar At ADA Wellness Summit 2

The ADA Wellness Ambassador Program is a beacon of hope for dental professionals navigating the often-stressful landscape of dentistry. These ambassadors, including Dr. Makkar, are dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and creating a sense of community within the dental field. By connecting with fellow dentists and sharing resources, they aim to ensure that no dental professional feels isolated in their journey.

Dr. Makkar’s commitment to mental health awareness and support aligns with the ADA’s mission to prioritize the well-being of dental professionals. Her work, alongside her fellow wellness ambassadors, demonstrates that the dental community is taking significant steps to ensure its members have access to the resources needed to maintain their mental health. As Dr. Makkar continues her journey as an ADA Wellness Ambassador, she remains dedicated to championing suicide prevention and connecting individuals with the support they require. Her commitment to the cause reflects the ADA’s commitment to mental health within the dental profession.